Saturday, May 27, 2006

Donald Trump Think Big Expo Topics?

Alright, let me get into pitch mode; MMM, MMM, MMM, MM, MMMM. First up, "The Don," has got the largest privately owned organization in New York City employing 22,000 and he drew about $10.4 billion in revenue in 2004. Trump's got the flagship Fifth Avenue Trump Tower, Trump Palace – the tallest building on Manhattan’s East Side – and The Trump International Hotel and Tower, New York.

Donald Trump, hands down, is one of the largest real estate developers in the world. Donald Trump hosts one of the top rated reality shows that boasted $100 million in the first season in 2004. What can't you learn from Donald Trump. Get ready to learn the art of team building, motivation, power business development, and he can't tell you "You're fired;" it would violate his speaking agreement.

Minneapolis's pride and joy, Michael Coles, opened The Great American Cookie Company in 1977 with an investment of $8,000 and grew it 350 stores strong when he sold it in 1998. Now he's the CEO of Minneapolis based Caribou Coffee. With 405 stores strong Caribou Coffee generated $56 million in 2006 first quarter revenue; up 24% from last year. A top ranking investment site, The Motley Fool, reports that "The company has opened 86 new company stores in the past six months and has signed leases for 35 more before the end of the year. The real estate strategy consists of setting up shop in high-population density areas with plenty of room for drive-throughs." A lot of what Starbucks did to blow up.

Coles has set up licensing agreements with General Mills to sell Caribou latte and mocha snack bars in club-based wholesale and retail stores with yearly sales growth of 158%. Michael Coles will get into the details of overcoming obstacles to land all these deals, how to start any project with little or no money, and all the power-packed insight you'll see when you get there. A must-see for anybody planning business development in Minneapolis or anywhere.

Jeffrey Gitomer's first book on sales training, The Little Red Book of Selling, sold more than 350,000 copies in its first eighteen months of publication; it also spent 70 weeks on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List, and reached number nine on the New York Times Non-fiction Best Seller List. Jeffrey Gitomer's weekly syndicated column, Sales Moves, is read by more than five million people.

The Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money, Jeffrey Gitomer's new sales training guide, is the number one book on and it was just released this February!

Salespeople across the globe are buying his book because Jeffrey Gitomer has produced results for AT&T, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo Bank - just to name a few - and over 5 million people think Jeffrey Gitomer could do the same for you.

Jeffrey Gitomer is covering power questions that'll get you closing faster; the right words to put into your pitch and what words to avoid, creating and presenting a 30-minute commercial; how to ask your way to the sale; 21.5 warning signals telling you that someone wants to buy; and a lot more.

I have a love/hate relationship with Jeffrey Gitomer because I hate that he barely offers any sales training for free; on the other hand I love that Jeffrey Gitomer doesn't offer anything for free because who wants to give out all their product for free anyway; Jeffrey Gitomer's sales training teaches by example. Another thing that scored points with me is that Jeffrey Gitomer is very up to date and in the news constantly, which shows he keeps up with changes in the marketplace that affect every sales professional. Google him on the News link, you'll see. Also read about Gitomer's participation at our event at's only so much I could write so just call or email me to register or register here to check him out.

The man has sold more than 80 million George Foreman Grills worldwide; 10 million grills were sold in the first 4 years, and Foreman was paid $127.5 million and $10 million in stock to just to allow the use of his name.

George Foreman made a $27.5 million salary for making public appearances in 2002. George Foreman was hired by Wells Fargo to speak in their seminar on motivation, and now we've got him here for you.

George Foreman's ability to make himself into the ultimate marketing tool boosts a company salesmanship almost instantly. When George Foreman started marketing the George Foreman Grill, Salton Inc., who manufacturers the George Foreman Grill, reported earning's of $792 million in the first four years of their agreement - up from $77 million Salton Inc. generated before the Foreman alliance. George Foreman is going to tell you how to master the art of setting yourself and your product or service apart from the competition. "Put your name on something, it better be the best. You only get one shot."

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