Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Will Donald Trump Show Up?

I asked this question to COO of the Learning Annex, Harry Javer, and he answered, "Yes, absolutely, yes. He always shows up. He has never failed to make an appearance."

He'd better @ $25,000 per minute. Trump was reportedly so good that last October he got a 50% raise from $1M to $1.5M an hour.

According to Bill Zanker, Founder and President of the 25 year old Learning Annex Company, "Mr. Trump is the most amazing speaker we've ever had in our 25 year history. He is worth every penny of what we pay him. Our students adore him and he is the perfect star for our Real Estate Wealth Expo. He is a real estate mogul and a Hollywood celebrity. There is no one better than Donald, and no one else who can draw such a crowd." In 2005, Forty-six thousand people attended when he spoke in Los Angeles for the Learning Annex. Forty-eight thousand five hundred registered to see him in New York last October.

I had to bring this up because my clients keep asking me if he's going to show up in Minneapolis. If you had $1.5 Million waiting for you to just speak, would you show?

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