Monday, June 05, 2006

Donald Trump on Thinking Big

I can clearly see that my plans involve small goals in mind because, I haven't structured my mind to see billion dollar opportunities. I'm researching information to be able to see large-scale opportunities in my mind just like I could clearly see myself registering 275 people in an office and planning for it; I want to see more than that. I'm researching on how to structure strategic plans to be able to plan and execute multi-million dollar marketing projects. Which is why I try to be around as many successful people I can, attending Learning Annex courses, even if I have to pay for it. I delve into their minds by asking them questions and notice what they say in common has helped them succeed; that's where the keys to success lie; I know it because its working. Which doesn't mean that it's so easy for me; my first week here, I only got one sale - now I'm getting about a sale a day. Read what Donald Trump says on how to Think Big.

I could definitely reflect on what Donald Trump says that 99% of your day is repetitive work and that 1% reveals opportunity. I have seen this opportunity when you notice where you see your company not doing something that customers are dying for. I have seen where a large number of customers are requesting something at a high volume but their requests fall on deaf ears and thats when a new company fills that need and makes headlines. Identify and correct that failure in your organization's system, and you will see what I'm writing about.

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