Monday, June 19, 2006

The Million-Dollar Book Review

Hopefully, people walk out motivated... But a motivational talk is only as good as the person receiving the talk. It can only stimulate what is within someone.

Michael Coles, CEO Caribou Coffee
Minneapolis, Minnesota; June 15, 2006

Robert Kiyosaki's advice, in his Rich Dad books, that urged the reader to learn how to sell has brought me here to promote the Donald Trump Think Big Expo. I read about half of the books he recommends on the back flap of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the selling lesson is the most powerful. I have been selling products and services for most of my late-teenage and adult life, and I had to read that advice about three times for it to really sink in. I sold because selling was all I could do fairly well for money, not because I wanted or had to do it to build wealth. I thought that when the time came, I could hire somebody to do it for me. But how could I persuade someone to sell for me if I can't prospect an effective salesperson - because I was never one myself - and convince the sales person to buy the idea of selling for me with their time?

Here in New York, a basketball tournament is held at Rutger's Park where professionals like Allen Iverson play with mortal street basketball players. Some street basketball players outplay professionals in these tournaments. The only difference between them is that the professionals sold themselves. Professionals go to school and get good grades to qualify for scholarships where they are better recognized by the NBA. Most pros know how to communicate professionaly. I know would-be pros that still street ball that would cut class, smoke weed and probably still hold their own in Madison Sqaure Garden. They didn't sell themselves though. Earl "the Goat" Manigault was recognized by HBO and millions of New York basketball players to be the best basketball player of all time holding court against the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabar. But kids want be like Mike. Globally, who do you think would be better recognized as the greatest: Michael Jordan or Earl "the Goat" Manigault?

I took Jeffrey Gitomer's advice, and I tried anything but cold-calling - web marketing. With little effort I was able to sell the most tickets on my team. This feat doesn't translate into million dollar success yet, but it proves that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

One man I spoke with while I was promoting the expo told me he never read anything on financial self-help, nor attended a success or financial seminar. I told him the Think Big Expo would not make him a millionaire only he could. He had to take the initiative, attend the expo, learn whatever he can by watching what Donald Trump and company was doing and execute it his way - in the way that worked for him because he LOVED it! Then his job would be to keep learning what worked from other successful people through books, seminars, the web, or other information channels and apply it HIS way!

According to the Star Tribune, real estate investing expert, James Walsh, took the stage after George Foreman during the Donald Trump Think Big Expo when hundreds of people started to leave. "The thing that's funny about all of you leaving is that I'm actually going to show you how to make money," Smith shouted. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Some of you may not be ready because you need to go get a wiener in the back of the room. Beware: you are what you eat."

Reportedly, most of the people leaving returned to their seats after Walsh's statement. I learned from a sales book that this is a sales technique that is referred to something along the lines of a reverse qualification; you incite a person to listen to you by implying that they may not qualify - you challenge them. In a Learning Annex course on sales the instructor illustrated this by telling the prospect, "I don't know if it (your product or service) will work for you."

Did James Walsh teach this technique by telling the audience how it's done? Walsh did it and people returned to their seats. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Can this be one of James Walsh's real key to success?

What has got this headliner on my TV, my newspaper, my computer telling me he is the man and will help me be like him? As you listen, read, and watch don't take anything for face value. Become Colombo and question like a 4 year old. Everything that person tells you he or she did is not everything. Take the information, try it, modify it to what works for you and use it - if it works. Otherwise try something else. It's like having a meeting with your marketing team and collaborating with different ideas until you perfect your plan soundly.

I can't just read million-dollar books. I have got to want it, and show that I want it using the lessons that work and trashing what doesn't work for me. Donald Trump made $1.5 million just by speaking at the Think Big Expo. Would that strategy work for me right now? Absolutely not. I have to got to make my mark and move the world such as he has to put myself in that $1.5 million position. There is no way I could do that just by attending the Donald Trump Think Big Expo, but I could just do what I love, as Donald Trump stresses, and market myself on the web until that $1.5 million check is pay to the order of Neal Rodriguez.

Here is an anonymous tip for you:

The ShareASale links will ONLY credit your affiliate account with sales if the URL contains the code:
"refer=SAS06" at the end.

Your ShareASale links only have "refer=" so when a customer buys a ticket the ShareASale tracking code is not activated in The Learning Annex system. You never get credit for the sale, because ShareASale doesn't know you were responsible.

The Learning Annex system was designed this way to ensure that the only sales ShareASale sees are the ones that originate through their affiliates. Otherwise they would have access to all of TLA's sales data.

BTW-It is brilliant to have added a personal coupon code to the URL--this way you get paid the telemarketer commission plus the SAS commission. You're jumping from 5-10% per sale to 55-60% per sale.
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