Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why I'm Here.

I took a Learning Annex course on interviewing two days ago, and the speaker said that he will be teaching things that have worked for him and his partner, sitting on the edge of his desk. With his raspy voice, he added that similar tactics in landing a job may not work for us (the students). I have taken about a month's worth of Learning Annex courses on marketing, communication, personal development, and I have come to find out that I can't just use one "guru's" way and use it successfully. I have to use what is right for me from different sources. If one way doesn't work I must try another. Thomas Edison conducted 10,000 experiments until he finally invented the incandescent light bulb successfully.

I have had the bad habit of sitting at a desk, cold calling hundreds of times using the same old script to get a 1-2% conversion rate; or sitting at a computer trying to sell items through a pay-per click model using the same message in an ad over and over again. I have taken one book of cold calling and copied its methods to the letter to find no result; or taken one book on web marketing, followed its methods exactly to produce minimal results. I have failed to seek alternatives thinking the guru is the end all know all on the subject in question.

For instance, Robert Kiyosaki writes that if one is to own a business one should know how to sell. Kiyosaki advises to go door to door, or engage in something that has me calling businesses to sell a product needed. It's true that I do need to know how to sell to build a business, but does this selling have to be door-to-door or cold calling? Emphatically not! You've got to do what works for you.

I haven't had the opportunity to attend any Donald Trump Expos, but I intend to once it comes back to New York in the fall. I believe the teaching model will be effective because you will get different perspectives on what it takes to make it. None will tell you every detail that amounted to their success, but I am sure you will get some information that has been instrumental to their renowned successes. I read once that you make the same amount of money as the people you hang out with; so I figure that if I keep taking these classes with proven successful people, a part of each of their successful qualities will rub off on me.

If you can't spell incandescent correctly than why should ANYONE buy ANYTHING from you?

Seriously, here's a hint that I'll give you for free: proofread. Spell check. Don't come across sounding like an absolute dolt.

You are advertising here in Minneapolis on blogs, on craigslist, on the TV, and on the radio. You fail to mention one thing: you can't buy or learn charisma. You can't do it. If you lack charisma, a value added product, and intimate market knowledge - you will always fail and return to your cold calling manuscripts poached from another idiot's book.

Darn snake oil salesmen...
Who needs a spell check, I've got you doing spell checks for free; seriously, thank you; you did a great job. Charisma means "a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others," according to Princeton; everything we've "done on blogs, on craigslist, on the TV, and on the radio" has influenced you to post your strong emotions here. We've got you emotional and fired up, so I'm glad we have that covered; thank you for being influenced, and thank you for being further influenced checking to see my response. Moreover, comment again, for these updates to my blog will get me spidered quicker with more exposure to influence and register more bright success-oriented attendees. I truly believe that there is "value" in education that comes from individuals with proven track records. And, in regards to intimate market knowledge, we have managed to fill our expos with more than 50,000 attendees nationwide. I think we're doing something right.
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